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A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies book review

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies & other such collective nouns

25 different groups of colourful animals embrace each double page of this beautiful book by Kate Hursthouse.

I love the simplicity of the idea and the complexity of its delivery. Each page is so impressively delivered.

Words are my thing and I love how the books theme is collective nouns!

So, a collective noun refers to an entire collection of things, persons or in this case, animals.

Collective nouns that we hear in everyday life could be a "swarm of bees" or an "army of soldiers". Within this book there are collective nouns that I have never heard of before!

You may of heard of "A pride of Lions", but have you ever heard of "A blessing of Unicorns" or "A conspiracy of Lemurs?"

I spend ages looking at the pages myself, I even googled a bunch of collective nouns from the book as I couldn't believe they were real.

But they are real. Who came up with these nouns?... and quite frankly, what drugs were they on? haha

The colour palate across each set of pages within 'Kaleidoscope of Butterflies' is beautiful.

Every page is is a different colour palette and a different font that all corresponds to the characteristics, hue and energy of that particular animal.

It is not a book however you can easily read sideways (at least not until you memorize the words on each page) as the words and letters within are often entwined within the illustrations itself.

My kids LOVED this book, each page was met with squeals of "this page is my favourite!", followed by a page turn resulting in more shrieks "No, this definitely is my favourite page!"

4 1/2 pumpkins from me.

You can find this book at many great bookstores and you can purchase online HERE.

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