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Reusable Cup Reviews

Reusable cup reviews

I have now quite a collection of reusable cups. I have a few at home, one in the car and each one is comprised of different materials. I actually haven’t found a reusable cup I haven’t liked, but I find that each one does a different job and I use them differently.

Some keep liquids warmer for longer, they are all different sizes and shapes and they are all priced differently.

I bought my first reusable cup about 5 years ago from Briscoes. There wasn't as many around then as there is now, the choice is incredible now! You can buy them from so many different materials and there are sizes and types to match everyone.

Using a Reusable cup was probably one of the first changes I made in terms of reducing my rubbish to landfill, It can make a huge difference in your outgoing waste if you are a lover of coffee and are out and about and need to take your coffee with you.

Cafe use

So far I haven't encountered any problem with handing over any type of reusable cup, even when they are tall. If i hand over a tall cup then the barista either tilts the cup under the extraction or uses a separate cup to extract into. Because I have a long black however I don't have an issue with volume in terms of milk. But I would love to know how it is charged if you have a large cup.

What brands of cups do I own?

I currently have 5 cups. From left to right: Huski, Typo Reusable Cup, FLOX (from Honey Wax Wraps), Frank Green (from Rinse and Repeat), Briscoes Maxwell and Williams Cup.

Below are my personal reusable cups and my thoughts on them. I have ranked each one on Durability, Ease of use, Price, Insulation, Washable and Taste.

Durability - Can I break it easily? Will the material it is made of crack or break over time?

The Huski I have dropped and knocked around a few times and it looks as good as new. 2nd was Typo which has been through the dishwasher and never disintegrated (unlike the Briscoes one). The Frank Green is also sturdy.

Ease of use - Can you put it in your cup holder in the car? Are they easy to hold and grip?

For sure the Frank Green is my fave because of it's size. It is the perfect size to hold and carry around with ease.

Price - How expensive is it? Typo is the cheapest at only $11.99, The FLOX is $29, The Briscoes cup is $30, Frank Green is $39.95 and Huski is $39.99.

Look - The FLOX cup came out on top because I love the design, it is so pretty... Sooooo Pretty!

Insulation - How hot will it keep my coffee? I did an experiment and poured boiling water into all of them. By a MILE, Huski came out on top. I kinda knew it would, because I have been using it for a while and noticed that it kept coffee hot for eternity lol.

Briscoes with its insulated cup came out second and the Frank Green was third.

Washable - How washable are they? The Flox and the Typo are by far the easiest to wash, I just throw them in some hot soapy water and they are good to go. The others are OK to wash but have a few moving parts so they sometimes need a soak or need to have parts removed and washed.

Taste - Do the cups have an aftertaste? The Huski, Frank Green and FLOX have no weird after taste but the Typo one does have a plasticy taste and also the Briscoes one had a metallic taste that lasted for at least a year.

My three favourites in order are the Huski, Frank Green and then the FLOX. These three are hands down amazing reusable cups. I would love to know your favourites or what cups you would recommend.

Thousands of disposable coffee cups go to landfill each year, the coffee cups that are labeled as compostable are either sent to landfill or have trouble breaking down in a home compost as many are designed to be commercially composted. Also a large chunk of New Zealand's commercial composting sites cant take compostable cups anyway as they cant identify which cups were compostable or not. It is a flawed single use system.

It is so important to start reducing our use of single use coffee cups. So many are going to landfill and there are so many amazing choices out there that we could be using.

Please do think about trying a reusable cup.

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