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Alan McElroy - is S#it at Twitter - Comedy Review

This is Alan's first time back in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival after hopping from festival to festival in Australia and in Edinburgh over last few years.

Alan is the Energizer Bunny of the comedy world! Comically bouncing around the stage with a full AA battery, never once falling flat! He delivered a hilarious show in the intimate red setting of The Classic Studio!

The absurdity and frustration trying to entertain strangers within the social media world is a concept I can understand wholeheartedly. Seeking "Likes" on a saturated platform filled with famous people getting their "what I had for breakfast" tweets retweeted, while the hilarity of the little players goes unnoticed in the depths of social media. Twitter is like an amazing fireworks display let off in next to a crowd, but they are too busy trying to let a glimpse of Kanye West eating cereal in a shop window to notice!

Being a 10pm show, be prepared for the occasional C bomb spoken in an Irish accent coupled with a multimedia show of stories and songs.

I kinda wish he had delved into the entire word of social media and the ridiculous hilarity of all the social media platforms in some way, but perhaps that could have muddied the waters at the end of the day.

Alan's show is awesome night out! Go watch the hilarious raving lunatic that is Alan Mc Elroy!

Its 4 1/2 pumpkins from me.

For a fun night out, please go catch Alan upstairs at the Classic Comedy Club, Queen Street, Auckland from: Tuesday 21st May - Saturday 25th May 10.00pm.

Follow him on...

Twitter - @Al_McElroy

Instagram - @al_mcelroy

- As part of the 2019 New Zealand International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo

For Tickets + Info:

As part of the 2019 New Zealand International Comedy Festival I also watched Tom Deacon, you can read my Review of his show HERE.

Comedy is funnier in an Irish accent!


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