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Birth stories from around Aotearoa - part one

So many mums have had their own stories to tell so I wanted to compile a blog dedicated to them and their own birth stories.

Birth can be beautiful, incredible, funny, weird and sometimes heartbreaking. Here is a collection of short birth stories from around Aotearoa.

Thank you to all who contributed, it was so amazing reading about your own journey through birth.

Please note: The last story 'Thomas' writes of the loss of a baby, which could potentially be traumatic for some to read. Please know, that you are not alone and please read it with love and understanding.

Many thanks to...

Vanessa Wood - Owner of 'Suede Studios' Photography

Abi Copley - Blogger at Mammaknows

Leah Rooney – Blogger at 'Skin and Satori'

Abi Volp - Owner of 'Chaotic Kids Crafts'

Please also check out part two HERE also.


5 years ago... My little Scarlett was born all little and covered in my own blood :) She had just been born via c-section after an un-diagnosed breach meant she was never going to fit through the "trap door". I had hallucinated on the gas after back-to-back contractions for 2 hours, fully dilated and thought I was in a massive attack music video! The clickity clack of the wheels on the Hospital hall floor created a beat that made me spin and hear the "trip hop" psychedelic music in my own head.

I was also fairly sure I was dying, could read people's minds and even thought that I went to school with the surgeon who performed the cesarean. I was covered in my own poop after being in the pool, high as a kite on morphine and I couldn't feel my legs. But so super happy when she was finally out and safe in my arms 💖

Michelle - 'Pumpkins in Trees' blog


Recently I looked up what the longest recorded labour time was and I was surprised to read it was 75 days. That makes my 4 days of labour seem like a holiday in comparison, but I assure you it wasn’t. When I thought my waters had broken and the contractions were coming close together, I rushed to the hospital, only to be told to go home again, because I was only 2.5cm dilated! My midwife tried giving me a ‘stretch and sweep’ on day 1 and 2 and on day 3 I tried acupuncture to hurry things along, but nothing changed. I was exhausted from a week of no sleep and vomited everything I ate or drank for the next two days. I finally had enough and went back to the hospital and told them I wasn’t leaving until this baby was out. In the end I had to have an emergency C-section because the baby was stressed and I was too exhausted to push. Four days later, baby and I were home, but my stitches burst and I had to complete two rounds of antibiotics to beat the infection.

Giving birth sucked, but was totally worth it, because I have the most wonderful daughter a mother could ever wish for.

Vanessa Wood - Owner of 'Suede Studios' Photography

Aldous Flynn

12am, March 16th. Life as I knew it totally changed. Nothing could've prepared me for the next 2 hours and 39 minutes and I'll never look at my bathroom the same way again!

Luckily, we'd decided upon a home birth! We'd hired the birthing pool, created my calming Spotify playlist, lined up an array of distractions to brave out each stage of labour. In the end though, my beautiful 6lb 7oz baby boy was born (with a great lack of dignity and a distinct lack of candles and 80’s tunes) in the bathroom. The most awkward room of our house. So small, my two amazing midwives were crammed in the doorway and my husband was left to pace the landing; popping his head around the door at the important parts!

Even with the chaos, excitement, terror, a few choice words and intense pain (yes, the ring of fire is a real thing) that followed, I wouldn't change a single moment. The human body is an amazing thing. Nature totally took over and I allowed it to. My mind became crystal clear. I reminded myself to let go. That I couldn't control this. I acknowledged, however excruciating, that each contraction was bringing my baby closer to me. After a well deserved brew and a warm shower, we all snuggled into bed. Only 5 hours or so after the ‘pop’ that started it all, I held my tiny son. I had a feeling life wasn't going to get any calmer and I couldn't wait!

Abi Copley - Blogger at Mammaknows


My partner had very severe cancer 10 years ago and Dr’s told him there would be a very little chance of ever having kids through IVF let alone naturally and I was on the jab.

One day in January however I suddenly had to throw up my lunch and thought to myself “uhh I know this feeling”. I took a test, and yes I was pregnant!

We were both in shock, but he was so excited to be a dad for the first time.

8 months later, we had bought a house, new car- a people mover! And it was time to have our daughter!

After having 3 emergency c sections it was decided I would have an elective c section.

I was nervous and I didn’t sleep that much the night before!

We walked into the hospital Tuesday morning and was prepped for surgery. He found it weird being the support person and not the one on the table!

Towards the end of the procedure the surgeon turned to my partner “your baby is about to be here”.

Within a minute there was a huge cry from hazel. The look on his face of pure joy, shock and amazement when he met his daughter, giving him his child he would never have was the most amazing experience in the world!

Abi Volp - Owner of 'Chaotic Kids Crafts'


As my waters suddenly broke, 10 days early, I remained cool and calm.

Second baby.

I know the drill.

I assured my husband that everything's fine, we just watch the rest of our TV show. Priorities.

Once it's finished I wander up to bed to get some rest. The contractions start getting longer, and stronger. We check that my hospital bag is ready and call the midwife. I'm already 6cm dilated! Go me! Off to the hospital we go.

I reach the car and get that urgent need to push. "Tell the midwife to come back. The baby is coming!!"

A few seconds go by, the pressure eases.

"Oh no, I can make it."

Into the car. On the road. Only 15 minutes to the hospital, we will be fine.

4 minutes later - on State Highway 1, I can't ignore the urge to push. I lift myself up and let the contractions take over.

"The head.. is coming.. OWWWWwwwww!"

He pulls the car over, races around to my side, opens the door, unceremoniously yanks down my leggings, and catches our gooey, gorgeous baby.


A day and a half before my due date I started having inconsistent period like pains.

They became stronger and stronger as the hours went by.

I lay in the spare bed monitoring my contractions, working through contractions by sawing my legs and leaning over the bed.

I had a bit of spotting, I called the hospital, the midwife said “your contractions are inconsistent, you probably aren’t in labour… call back if anything changes”.

Another couple of hours passed, the contractions were still inconsistent but closer together.

4am, the contractions felt intense, so I called back the hospital and was advised that I should come in for monitoring.

Once at the hospital the midwife found that I was already 10cms dilated! We were moved into the delivery room and I started pushing. After 2 hours of standing up pushing, the midwife, said "right, get on the bed, we need to get this baby out!", he was starting to get distressed.

They decided to break my waters, then an episiotomy… he needed to come out now!

A few pushes later and he was born.

However, the emergency button was pushed, there was huge blood loss. 1.5 litres to be exact!

7 doctors came in running to administer medication, to stop the bleeding and stitch up the cuts and tears.

Leah Rooney – Blogger at 'Skin and Satori'


Thomas was diagnosed with ‘Anencephaly A’, a 100% fatal condition with no hope for any medical intervention.

The heart-breaking choice to induce was decided. Under my medical notes it was considered a medical termination (but it was not! I so desperately wanted my baby boy).

After one final scan confirming the diagnosis they gave me the first pill to take that prepared my body for labour.

In the days before the birth I met with the funeral home to sort out arrangements for my son. It was the strangest feeling… planning to bury your child before he was even born.

His name and nick name ‘cabels’ was written on his small white casket.

Friday came, and at I was prepped for induction. I was hooked up to an IV, gas was at the ready and I was and pumped with pain relief and given 2 pills which I took every 3 hours.

The pain began to get bad and I told my mum “I can’t do this!’

I threw up, and pushed… he arrived.

I was terrified to see him after looking up what to expect, but my then partner said “he’s beautiful and he’s alive!”

Thomas George Cain was born at 10.25pm on the 2.11.2012, he sat on my chest, just breathing, never made a sound, nor opened his eyes. He passed away at 12.25am on the 3.11.2012 at 19.6 weeks old gestation.

It was a miracle he was born alive but even more him living for 2 hours!

He wanted to say hello and goodbye.

Abi Volp- Mother of 3 beautiful rainbow babies which are 3,2 and 8 months. She also has a 5-year-old.



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